The Most Dangerous States in the United States

A violent crime is when an offender threatens or uses force on their victime.

A violent crime is when an offender threatens or uses force on their victime.

In recent years, the United States noticed an influx in regards to its crime rate. Crime within the country was increasing, not only in major metropolitan areas, but in rural counties as well. Alarming statistics were being derived in the most unlikeliest of places during this time. Below we will discuss the precise figures regarding the most recent crime rates within the United States.

The Highest Ranking States


The state of Alaska has been experiencing a general increase in violent crime over recent years. Alaska currently has a rate of 804.2 violent crimes per 100,000 individuals. Studies by the FBI have shown that although crimes such as robbery and homicide have decreased, crimes such as rape and aggravated assault have seen an increase. In Alaska in particular, an influx of aggravated assaults are said to be to blame for the spike in violent crime. The reasons behind these spikes, however, are more complicated to decipher, although poverty and lack of access to services because of Alaska’s remote location have both been blamed.

New Mexico

Like Alaska, violent crime rates in New Mexico are said to be rising. Crime in Albuquerque, the most populated city in the state, is supposed to be the driving force behind this increase. It has been said that an order that allowed for cases to move through the courts more quickly may be to blame for this increase. Right now, the crime rate of New Mexico stands at 702.5 violent crimes per 100,000 people.


Nevada has the nation’s second high violent crime rate, with 678.1 violent crimes per 100,000 people. Unfortunately, in Nevada rape is also another large component of the violent crime rate. Violent crime in Nevada has historically always been higher than the rest of the country.

Is Violent Crime in the United States Going Up or Down?

FBI Statistics

When looking for crime data in the US there are two main sources that are worth tapping. The first is the National Crime Survey and the other is the crime that is reported to the FBI.

According to the FBI, there has been an overall fall in the violent crimes that have been reported in recent years. Violent crimes include murder and rape as well as robbery and aggravated assaults. Property crime figures also show that there was a 7.5 percent fall in the most recent report.

National Crime Survey

The National Crime Survey has also reported that violent crimes have recently fallen. This report says that the violent crimes in the US fell from 79.8 percent to just 20.1 for every 1,000 persons.

Of course, even though these figures tell their story it may be said that many crimes – even a majority of crimes – do not get reported. At least 50 percent of violent crimes and 40 percent of property crimes are not reported to the police. This is because the victims consider the matter to be personal or because the victim feels that the police cannot resolve the matter. It is not always clear whether or not a low crime rate could be due to a low tendency to report crimes (or, likewise, if a high crime rate is due to a common tendency to report crimes).

Find a detailed report of the violent crime rate for all states below. Please note that all data comes from the FBI report on Crime in the United States.

Violent Crime Rate By State

Rank State Violent Crime Rate Per 100,000 Inhabitants
1 Alaska 804
2 New Mexico 703
3 Nevada 678
4 Tennessee 633
5 Louisiana 566
6 Arkansas 551
7 Alabama 532
8 Missouri 519
9 Delaware 509
10 South Carolina 502
11 Maryland 472
12 Arizona 470
13 Michigan 459
14 Oklahoma 450
15 California 445
16 Illinois 436
17 Texas 434
18 Florida 430
19 South Dakota 418
20 Indiana 405
21 Georgia 398
22 Kansas 380
23 Massachusetts 377
24 New York 376
25 North Carolina 372
26 Montana 368
27 West Virginia 358
28 Colorado 343
29 Pennsylvania 316
30 Hawaii 309
31 Wisconsin 306
32 Washington 302
33 Ohio 300
34 Nebraska 291
35 Iowa 291
36 Mississippi 281
37 Oregon 265
38 North Dakota 251
39 New Jersey 245
40 Wyoming 244
41 Utah 243
42 Minnesota 243
43 Rhode Island 239
44 Kentucky 232
45 Idaho 230
46 Connecticut 227
47 Virginia 218
48 New Hampshire 198
49 Vermont 158
50 Maine 124